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Pool Account (Coming Soon!)

Now you can control cash flow from different current accounts over a single account thanks to Pool Account. 

What is a Pool Account? Features of Pool Account Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pool Account?

Pool Account is a type of account that allows you to control cash flow in your different current accounts over a single account. By setting up an automatic order, you can consolidate the balances in your current accounts into your Pool Account.

Features of Pool Account

  • The Pool Account you will be opening and other accounts that will be linked to your Pool Account should be current accounts.
  • You should make sure that all the current accounts that you will link to your Pool Account are in the same foreign currency.
  • You can set up the automatic order to transfer the balances from your other current accounts to your pool account on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • You can select the date range for the order you set up and ensure that the cash transfer takes place on the date you specify.
  • If you want to accumulate a specific amount of money in your accounts, you can make transactions at the amount you desire with limited transfers.
  • You can open a Pool Account at Hayat Finans and start managing your current accounts effortlessly.

You can control your money flows to different current accounts from a single account with the Pool Account. With an automatic instruction, your balances in different current accounts will be merged into your Pool Account at the end of the day.

Yes, only Current Accounts can be linked to the Pool Account.

You can give daily, weekly and monthly instructions to your Pool Account. You can restrict the execution of the instruction by specifying a date range.

All your current accounts in a Pool Account definition must be in the same currency.
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