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Investment and Savings

We add value to your savings with different investment products offered by Hayat Finans and produce solutions tailored to your needs.

Participation Account

Do not keep your savings in a money-box! Participation Account allows you to add value to your savings with the income shared with a profit-loss partnership at the end of the maturity. 

Investment Account

You can create your Investment Account at Hayat Finans to utilize your hard-earned savings. 

Investment Funds

As Hayat Finans, we offer investors the opportunity to invest in a variety of investment funds. 

Buying and Selling of Foreign Currency and Precious Metals

You can invest your savings through foreign exchange and precious metal trading transactions.

Stock Transactions (Coming Soon!)

Stocks are financial instruments that represent ownership interests in a company. 

Lease Certificate (Sukuk) (Coming Soon!)

Lease certificates (Sukuk), designed in line with the principles of Islamic finance, are financial instruments that offer investors the opportunity to generate regular income based on rental income from commercial real estate. 

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