Hayat Finans Mobile

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You can meet your needs and invest your savings with the various account types offered by Hayat Finans.

Current Account

You can keep your savings secure by opening a Current Account in Turkish Lira, foreign currency, or precious metals. Through the current account, you can withdraw a portion or all of your Money at any time you want.

Participation Account

Do not keep your savings in a money-box! Participation Account allows you to add value to your savings with the income shared with a profit-loss partnership at the end of the maturity. 

Investment Account (Coming Soon!)

You can create your Investment Account at Hayat Finans to utilize your hard-earned savings. 

Pool Account (Coming Soon!)

Now you can control cash flow from different current accounts over a single account thanks to Pool Account. 

Interim Payment Participation Account (Coming Soon!)

If you want to ensure cash flow with interim payments, Hayat Finans is here for you!

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