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Communication Center

You can quickly reach our customer representatives  through our Voice Response System and complete your transactions with ease.

Transactions that you can make with the Interactive Voice Response System are as follows: Security
Customer Communication Center

Interactive Voice Response System allows you to connect to Communication Services conveniently and securely thanks to its advanced technology. This way, you can make various transactions faster, easier and more secure.

The transactions you can perform with

a Customer Representative:

  • ATM Card Renewal
  • Temporary Blocking and Unblocking of ATM Card
  • Lost and Stolen ATM Card Transactions
  • Setting Withdrawal Limit with ATM Card
  • Account Restriction and Cancellation
  • IP Restriction, Restriction Removal, and Update
  • Opening and Closing Access to Online Banking, Hayat Finans Mobile application and Telephone Banking Channels
  • Appreciation and Complaint Notifications
  • Account Transactions
  • Listing Money Transfer Transactions
  • Mobile Activation Approval/Cancellation
  • Linking and Removing an Account to an ATM Card
  • ATM Card Transaction Restriction and Removal of Restriction
  • Viewing Financing Application Processes and guidance about the process
  • Sample profit share calculation for Participation Accounts

You can complete your transactions using Hayat Finans Interactive Voice Response System regardless of the day and time.


We record all transactions and calls made in our Communication Center and store them under the Personal Data Protection Law. As Hayat Finans, we take all the necessary security measures for you to complete transactions made over telephone banking.

You can take personal measures by considering the topics provided below:

  • Do not share your information with persons who pretend to be bank employees to obtain your personal information. If such an incident occurs, immediately call our Communication Center at 444 4 988 and provide us with details about the incident.
  • You may be requested to share some information during transactions for security purposes. Provide this information only via dialing it over the interactive voice system. Do not share your passwords with anyone including bank employees.
  • While having a call with our Communication Center, make sure that persons whom you do not know and who seem suspicious, do not listen to your conversation.
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