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Türkiye's First Digital Bank

Türkiye's First Digital Bank!

Come to Hayat Finans, let's grow your savings together. 



Our Service Approach

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction takes priority above all else at Hayat Finans.


Hayat Finans values transparency and clearly share the returns and pricing of all bank services with its customers. There are no hidden fees or charges.


Hayat Finans makes banking accessible to everyone through its technological advancements.

Quick and Easy Transactions

Hayat Finans ensures that banking transactions are carried out with ease and speed, making customers’lives more convenient.

Affordable Financing

Hayat Finans offers prompt and cost-effective finance to both individuals and business when they need it.

Free Transactions

Hayat Finans consistently provides basic banking services to customers without any fees.

Branchless Banking

Hayat Finans does not open and operate branches and extends the benefits driven as a result to its customers.


Hayat Finans avoids all unnecessary expenditures.

Earn & Share Together

Hayat Finans believes in shared success and mutual benefits.

Start your life one step ahead with Hayat Finans!

Financing Amounts
Installment Amount
Total Amount Payable
Monthly Profit Ratio
Bank Purchase
Bank Sales
Bank Purchase
Bank Sales
Bank Purchase
Bank Sales
Bank Purchase
Bank Sales
The relevant values are for indicative purpose and are not binding. Recent rates available on Hayat Finans Mobile Application are valid.
The relevant values are for indicative purpose and are not binding. Recent rates available on Hayat Finans Mobile Application are valid.


The time is right to explore Hayat!

Drawing upon its 87-year heritage of accumulated knowledge, Hayat Holding, the founder of Hayat Finans, remains steadfast in its commitment to investment with an unwavering focus on the generation of lasting value for future generations worldwide, driven by a vision of global expansion and sustainable growth ethos.

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With the launch of Hayat Finans, Turkey's first digital bank born in the digital age, the era of licensed digital banking officially began in Turkey.

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Cost-free days with Hayat Finans! Perform EFT, Fast EFT, and wire transfers for FREE with Hayat Finans.
Move your business to Hayat Finans and benefit from various advantageous inventives!
It is worth noting that you can withdraw and deposit money from İş Bank ATMs at no cost using your Hayat Finans card.
Put all your investments to work at Hayat Finans!

Start directing your savings by choosing the investment products that best suit your needs.

Download Hayat Finans mobile app right away!

With Hayat Finans Mobile, you can perform all your banking transactions quickly and securely.


Seems Like There is a Cost-Free Life at Hayat :)

Are you ready to experience cost-free banking? From money transfers to EFTs, from FAST payments through affiliated bank ATMs and Consumer financing allocation fee, there are no fees or commissions deducted at HAYAT Finans! Exactly! There are "No fees," just "Hayat"!

Allocation Fee (Personal Finance)
Contracted Bank ATM Transaction Fee
Transfer Fee

You can transfer money to other banks using FAST outside of EFT hours through our Hayat Finans Mobile application or Internet Banking without any fees.

You can use Personal Finance without paying any allocation fee by applying through our Hayat Finans Mobile application..

You can carry out your transactions at contracted bank ATMs throughout Türkiye without paying any fees. Our contracted bank is Türkiye İş Bankası.

You can perform EFT transactions to other bank accounts through our Hayat Finans Mobile application or Internet Banking which will be opened soon, without any fees during weekdays between 09:00 AM and 05:15 PM.

You can make transfers to other accounts within Hayat Finans through our Hayat Finans Mobile application or Internet Banking 24/7 without any fees.


There is so much more in Hayat...

Turkey's First Digital Bank; Hayat Finans

Hayat Holding, with its 67 companies and over 17,000 employees, reaches millions of people in 17 countries with its activities and 49 brands.

Hayat Finans will be present at Uludağ Economic Summit!

Uludağ Economic Summit, which brings together the business and economic world, took place this year between April 27 and 30, in Sapanca.

IDC Türkiye CIO Summit

IDC Türkiye CIO Summit was held this year between May 4 and 5. 

Statement on FATCA and CRS


Welcome to a Safe Hayat!

Your Safety is Important to Us!

With Hayat Finans, your money is safer than ever! As Turkey's first branchless digital bank, we use high-level security methods to ensure your safety.

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Inside Hayat

Financial Planning and Management Tactics for Small Business Owners

The most challenging step in establishing and growing a business is the financial management
and planning stage. 

Zero-Waste Living: Financial Planning Tips for an Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle

Problems caused by the increasing world population such as the rapid depletion of resources, and the unpreventable increase in waste generated from production and consumption activities are leading people to consider radical lifestyle changes.

Financial Literacy: Basic Information for Personal Finance Management

Managing personal finance is as important as earning money. When you successfully manage personal finances, you can live both comfortably and prosperously.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Banking Applications

Today, we can easily carry out various bank transactions via mobile applications without going to the bank. 

How Can You Save More Efficiently?

If you want to save money for your future but do not know how then you are not alone! Saving money is challenging for many people. 

As Hayat Finans Participation Bank, we present the continuity of our services and accessibility rates for our distribution channels to your information:
  • Mobile Banking: 99.8%
  • Internet Banking: 99.8%
  • Communication Center: 99.8%
It's The Perfect Time
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