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Current Account

You can keep your savings secure by opening a Current Account in Turkish Lira, foreign currency, or precious metals. Through the current account, you can withdraw a portion or all of your Money at any time you want.

What is a Current Account? Transactions You Can Perform With Current Account and Account Card
Current Account

What is a Current Account?

A Current Account is a type of account that can be opened in Turkish Lira, foreign currencies, or precious metals. Current Account, which you can prefer to keep your savings secure, is a demand account, and therefore no profit share payment is made. 

When you open up a current account, you can easily withdraw any amount of money from your account at any time you need it. Likewise, you can also deposit money into your account at any time you want.

Using the Bank Card that will be issued specifically for your account, you can complete your transactions both in the country and abroad at all bank ATMs, and securely use your card whenever you need it.

How to open a Current Account?

Should you want to open a Current Account or obtain more detailed information on banking products, you can complete the process of opening a Current Account in minutes by visiting the Hayat Finans mobile app.

Transactions You Can Perform With Current Account and Account Card

  • With your Bank Card, you will no longer need to carry cash with you! You can conveniently and securely complete payments for all of your purchases with your card, ensuring both speed and high security.
  • You can make money transfers from your Current Account to different accounts, and give instructions for money transfers that you need to make in the future.
  •  You can quickly complete your credit or credit card payments from your account. If you wish, you can make sure that you do not miss any items for which you need to make monthly payments by giving instructions for regular payments from your account.
  •  You can easily manage your savings by making foreign currency and precious metal purchase and sale transactions over your account.
  •  You can make cheque-book transactions from your Current Account. In addition to this, you can manage your cheque or note collections.
  •  You can make your invoice, tax, and SSI Premium payments from your Current Account. At the same time, you can make rent, donations, and due payments from your Current Account. 

*The total of Private Current Accounts and Participation Accounts is under the guarantee of Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (SDIF) of up to 650.000 TL for natural and legal persons.

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