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What is Enterprise Finance? Features of Enterprise Finance Application for Enterprise Finance
Enterprise Finance

What is Enterprise Finance?

You can make all purchases of goods and services that your enterprise needs through Hayat Finans Enterprise Finance.

The cost that you need to pay in advance to the seller at the end of the purchase process is covered by Hayat Finans Enterprise Finance. All you need to do is pay the amount financed for the purchase of goods and services to our bank within the specified maturity and with a profit share rate.

Features of Enterprise Finance

  • For your business, you can make payments for all the goods such as raw materials, equipment, etc., vehicles, real estate, and services that you will purchase using Enterprice Finance support.
  • You can benefit from repayment advantages suitable for your cash flow and payment term opportunities.
  • You can apply for Enterprise Finance in TL, USD and EUR currencies.
  • You can complete your application process through the online branch.

Application for Enterprise Finance

  • You can become a customer of Hayat Finans via video calls. Afterward, you can apply for Enterprise Finance through the Finance Menu available on our online branch.
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