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As Hayat Finans, we believe in the importance of providing inclusive and multi-purpose services. We support the active participation of persons with disabilities in all aspects of life. Therefore, we offer all our services in a way that will facilitate the access of our disabled customers and we strive to ensure that they perform all their financial transactions without facing any difficulties. 

Our Website, Designed Specifically for Easy Access and Use

We configured our website in compliance with digital accessibility programs so that persons with disabilities can perform their banking transactions much more quickly and conveniently and we created an interface that is ideal for use by all our customers. Within this scope, the solutions we offer are as follows: 

  • You can adjust the font size of the text on our website to your preferred size. This way, you can make the text larger and easier to read.
  • You can pause our dynamic contents and view them in detail.
  • You can adjust the cursor size in a way that will be ideal for your use. This way, you will not encounter any difficulties while browsing through our website.
  • Thanks to the dyslexia-friendly font we use you can have a more comfortable user experience when performing your transactions.
  • You can adjust the text and line spacing based on your preference and enhance your reading comfort.
  • You can change the vibrancy and contrast settings of the colors on our website and customize them in line with your needs.
  • If you have a visual impairment you can listen to the audio versions of contracts and easily obtain information.

Hayat Finans Mobile Application Allowing You to Complete Your Transactions Quickly

Thanks to the Hayat Finans Mobile Application, all of your transactions will be quicker and easier than they were before!

  • If you have hearing or speech impairment, you can easily become a customer. All you have to do is download our mobile application to your phone and contact our customer representative who knows sign language. In addition, if you wish you can also complete your transactions by securely chatting with our customer representative.
  • You can always connect to our customer representative anytime you need with priority and quickly convey your requests.
  • Similarly, later on, you will be able to use the video call feature with sign language and complete your transactions of different natures also via the mobile application.

Communication Center Without Barriers

We care about the rapid execution of banking transactions by all of our customers through our Communication Center without barriers. Therefore, we would like to state that we are working on a system where you will be prioritized when you call our communication center. This way, when you make a call you can get in contact with our customer services directly and with a priority.

We overcome barriers as Hayat Finans. We take responsibility for ensuring that every individual can benefit from banking services equally. We are committed to providing a modern perspective and offering digital banking services that are accessible and user-friendly to all our customers.

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