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What is an Interim Payment Participation Account?

It is a particular sort of participation account that allows the transfer of your profit share to your account either at the end of the term or at intervals of 1, 3, or 6 months, based on your preferences. This account can be opened with a maturity of 372 days. 

Features of Interim Payment Participation Account

  • You can open your account in Turkish Liras (TL), US Dollars (USD), and Euros (EUR).
  • The tax withholding rate for the Interim Payment Participation Account is 0% for the Turkish Lira. And this rate has been determined as 25% for foreign currencies.
  • You can make partial withdrawals during the maturity term if you need. However, you must adhere to two rules:
    • Within one maturity term, you can only make two withdrawals.
    • The amount you want to withdraw cannot exceed half of the initial account balance.

Half of the gross profit share paid will be reclaimed if either of these rules is violated. 

  • You can only deposit funds into the account on maturity dates. Deposit transactions should not be made during interim payment periods.
  • Your profit share will be transferred to your current account or participation account at the end of your chosen interim period.
  • If you request the transfer of your profit share to your participation account, the features of the participation account to be opened will be as follows:
    • Your participation account's currency and profit share rate will be the same as that of the Interim Payment Participation Account.
    • Until maturity, you cannot make partial withdrawals from this account or deposit funds into it.
    • If you close the Interim Payment Participation Account that you have associated with the account before maturity, your participation account will also be automatically closed.

Profit Sharing Ratios

Turkish Lira

Opening Balance*Minimum Balance**More than 1 month (30 days and above)
SilverTRY 1.000TRY 1.00090% - 10%
GoldTRY 100.000TRY 75.00090% - 10%

Foreign Currency (Dollar & Euro)

Opening Balance*Minimum Balance**More than 1 month (30 days and above)
SilverEUR 1,000EUR 1,00070% - 30%
GoldEUR 100,000EUR 75,00070% - 30%
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