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Investors can become partners in a particular company through stocks. Stockholders potentially benefit from the company's growth and profits.

Short/Long Term Investment Opportunity: Stocks offer their holders the opportunity to earn high yields in both the short and long term. Stocks have the potential for stable, regular and higher yields over the long term than other investment instruments, as well as the opportunity for short-term returns. When trading in stocks, there is also a risk of loss if the stocks lose value.

Dividend: Stocks entitle the holder to a share of the company's annual net profit. In case a dividend distribution decision is taken at the General Assembly of the Company, dividends are paid to the stockholders.

Capital Gain: This is the income generated from stock trading by evaluating short and long term price changes. All local and foreign investors are exempt from tax on their income from stock trading. When trading stocks, there is also a risk of loss if the stocks lose value.

Tax Benefits: Withholding tax on income from the purchase and sale of stocks is 10% for securities investment trusts and 0% for other stocks.

Which Stocks Can You Trade?

It gives access to many stocks from various sectors and regions that conform to Islamic banking principles. You can choose from stocks of many companies traded on national and international stock exchanges. In line with the principles of participation banking, Hayat Finans allows transactions in stocks that have been authorized. 

  • Interest-based finance, trade, services and intermediation (banking, insurance, leasing, factoring and other interest-based activities),
  • Alcoholic drinks, gambling, games of chance,
  • Pork and similar food,
  • Press, broadcasting, advertising, tourism and entertainment,
  • Tobacco products and arms,
  • You can trade in stocks of companies that do not engage in gold, silver and foreign currency futures trading. 
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