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What is Investment Account?

The Investment Account allows you to invest your savings in the capital markets. You can buy and sell all capital products ranging from stocks to investment funds and lease certificates.

Features of Investment Account

  • While opening an Investment Account, Hayat Finans does not charge you an account opening or transaction fee for the account opened in the presence of the Central Securities Depository of the Turkish.
  • You can make transactions for such as stocks, investment funds, and lease certificates with the Investment Account.
  • During the account opening process, Suitability Testing is done for assessing the suitability of goods and services offered to you on behalf of the investment firm or which you requested.

Suitability Testing

What is Investment Account Suitability Testing?

Investment Account Suitability Testing measures whether you have adequate knowledge and experience in risks associated with the product or service in that you want to invest.

  • Investment firms are obliged to conduct Suitability Testing only for their general customers within the scope of brokerage and public offering transactions. Suitability Testing may not be required for other activities.
  • If the service or product in which you want to invest is found to be unsuitable for you based on the obtained data as a result of the Suitability Testing, the investment firm is obliged to inform you in writing enabling you to review again the investments that might be risky for you.
  • This warning is not investment advice regarding the investment you want to invest in. Investment firm does not provide you with different investment advice. If you decide to invest despite the written warning, the investment firm has the autonomy to decide whether to offer services or not.
  • To be able to invest in the product or service, about which the investment firm warned, you need to submit the document “Request for Transaction Despite the Results of Suitability Testing” and wait for the service decision of the investment firm.

Investment Account is a type of account offered for you to invest your savings in capital markets.

Through the investment account you can buy and sell participation-based capital market products such as Stocks, Investment Funds and Lease Certificates with Hayat Finans Mobile application.

Account opening is free.

The Suitability Testing assesses whether you have the knowledge and experience about the risks associated with the product or service in question.
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