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Corporate Practices and Procedures

You can access Hayat Finans's corporate practices and procedures here.

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Corporate Practices and Procedures

Corporate Practices and Procedures

Within the framework of the General Procedures and Principles of Corporate Governance determined by Hayat Finans Katılım Bankası A.Ş., our basic principles are as follows:

  • The requirement to comply with the legal and regulatory framework, in particular the Regulation, which is fundamental to the operations and governance of banks in Turkey,
  • The requirement to encourage consistency, continuity and efficiency in the way the Board of Directors operates and manages the Bank,
  • The requirement to protect the interests of employees, customers and shareholders while managing the Bank and to manage conflicts of interest that may arise fairly,
  • The positive impact of the Bank's effective and sound governance structure on customers, employees, investors, regulatory authorities, rating agencies and the market in general.

As mentioned above, the Bank's fundamental corporate governance principle is to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements that are fundamental to the operation and corporate governance of banks in Turkey, particularly laws and regulations. The Bank's internal regulation documents have been created to fulfill compliance activities. All activities are carried out in compliance with internal and external legislation. Determining the procedures and principles to be followed regarding issues not covered by internal and external legislation is possible through the adoption of ethical principles. All employees consult the Bank's Code of Ethics on how to act when faced with these and similar situations.

Based on the objectives of expanding the banking system, improving the quality of banking services, optimizing the use of resources, ensuring fair and honest competition among banks, and preventing unfair competition, the Bank regulates its relationships with other banks and institutions, as well as its customers, shareholders, and employees, in accordance with these Ethical Principles. The fundamental ethical principles of the Bank are listed below: Ethical principles are expected to be understood and adopted by all employees.

  • Honesty: The Bank adheres to the principle of honesty in its relations while performing its activities.
  • Neutrality: Based on the principle that "respect for individuals is the foundation of success," the Bank treats both its employees and customers without discrimination and avoids biased behavior. The Bank does not discriminate based on nationality, religion, financial or social status, gender, or any other differences when providing services.
  • Reliability: The Bank aims to provide customers with clear, understandable, and accurate information in all the services and transactions it offers, fostering a mutual understanding of trust. The Bank also strives to deliver customer services in a timely and complete manner.
  • Transparency: The Bank informs its customers in a clear, understandable and unambiguous manner about the rights and obligations, benefits and risks related to the products and services offered to them. Effectively assesses its customers and their financial capacities, situations and needs before providing a product, service or recommendation.
  • Social Benefit and Respect for the Environment: The Bank pays attention to support social and cultural activities in all its activities in the light of the principles of observing social benefit and respect for the environment in addition to profitability. These issues are regulated by the Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Regulation.
  • Combating Laundering of Assets Derived from Crime and Financing of Terrorism: Within the framework of international norms and national legislation provisions, the Bank adopts the fight against laundering of assets arising from crime, corruption and similar crimes as an important principle and pays attention to cooperate with other institutions. Takes the necessary measures to this end internally and organizes training programs for its personnel. These issues are governed by the Regulation on Prevention of Laundering Proceeds of Crime and Financing of Terrorism.
  • Abuse of Information: Takes all necessary measures to prevent the misuse of insider information belonging to itself and its customers.

The Bank considers digital banking service quality as a prerequisite for meeting customer needs and expectations with quality service, and displays great care for technological infrastructure and qualified human resources, which are the two basic elements of this concept to be used in accordance with continuous improvement in service quality.

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