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What is Supplier Financing System (SFS)

The Supplier Financing System provides cash financing to suppliers for them to shorten the maturity of deferred receivables. The purchaser firm can complete procurement processes by benefiting from payment flexibility with SFS and suppliers can receive the payments that they will collect from the purchaser firm on the predetermined maturity date.

Advantages for the Purchaser Firm

  • You have the opportunity to lengthen payment maturities if you need.
  • You can perform long-term purchase transactions during the procurement.
  • You can increase the efficiency of your enterprise capital and balance sheet management.
  • You can negotiate with your supplier about the payment and pricing before completing the purchase of goods.

Advantages for the Supplier

  • You can collect your receivables without waiting for invoice maturity and regulate your cash flow.
  • You can indemnify your collections.
  • To increase sectoral competitive advantage, you can perform in advance goods purchases after early collection.
  • You can have relatively lower financing costs depending on the credibility of the buyer.
  • You can have long-term and permanent relationships with buyer firms.
  • You can acquire finance just over the invoice without needing any other collection tools.
  • You can increase the efficiency of operational processes.

Unconfirmed Supplier Financing

When selling to buyer firms that are not customers of Hayat Finans as a supplier, it allows you to convert your invoice receivables into cash.

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