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What is DDS?

DDS provides guarantees to firms with a high number of customers and that work as distributors or dealers for their receivables. Also, offers payment facilities to the customers of these firms within the scope of automatic payment infrastructure.

Advantages of the Parent Firm

  • You can easily track your collections and manage your cash flow.
  • You can indemnify your invoice receivables.
  • You can manage your receivables without the need for collection tools such as cheques and notes. Thus, you can reduce operational costs.
  • You can effectively perform report tracking.

Advantages of the Sub-Dealer

  • You can easily track bill payments.
  • You can perform bill payments cost-free.
  • You can make your payments without needing to carry a chequebook or cash with you.
  • Since it eliminates the need for collection tools, you can reduce operational costs.
  • You can easily make your payments by using funds when the maturity date arrives.
  • You can effectively perform report tracking.

Conditions for Application

You can become a customer of Hayat Finans via video calls for your legal firm. Afterward, you can apply to become a parent firm or sub-dealer through the Cash Management menü available on our online branch platform. 

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