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Transfers KOLAS-Easy Addressing System Foreign Currency Transfer (SWIFT) Frequently Asked Questions


You can make Turkish Lira, foreign currency, and precious metal transfers to the other accounts in Hayat Finans. Moreover, you can make money transfers 24/7 without paying a fee.

You can transfer Turkish Lira to accounts in other banks between 09:00 AM - 05:15 PM on weekdays and without paying a fee.

You can transfer money cost-free from your Hayat Finans account up to 100,000 TL to accounts in other banks outside of EFT operation hours.

Gold Transfer Istanbul Takas ve Saklama Bank Inc. is a transfer system developed by (Takasbank) that enables gram gold-based transfers between system member banks. Click for detailed information.

KOLAS-Easy Addressing System (Coming Soon!)

Easy Addressing (KOLAS) is a new money transfer system allowing you to make transfers without using an IBAN. This method enables you to make transactions by defining your information such as e-mail, GSM number, or TR Identity Number into your account information.

  • You can define KOLAS in your Turkish Lira current accounts.
  • Each customer is entitled to a maximum of five KOLAS registrations. These five registrations cover all of your accounts in all banks including Hayat Finans.
  • You can define one easy address to one IBAN. When you define a new address, the old registrations are deleted and transactions are made over the current IBAN.
  • You can define one IBAN to different easy addresses. For example, you can define and use your IBAN in Hayat Finans to both your phone number and e-mail address at the same time.

Foreign Currency Transfer (SWIFT)

SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication): It is a system that provides electronic fund transfer and communication between banks all over the world with the highest level of security equipment. Thanks to our SWIFT infrastructure, you can make your domestic and international foreign currency transfers easily and safely.

  • SWIFT Code or Business Identifier Code (BIC) is a unique code assigned to each bank that is part of the SWIFT system and is essential information to know for currency transfers.
  • Hayat Finans SWIFT Code: HTYBTRISXXX
  • Click here to get detailed information on SWIFT fees.

You can make your Gold Transfer transaction between 09.30 - 16.45.

It is the amount received to be paid to third parties and organizations and varies depending on the transaction amount. Click for detailed information.
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