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Financial Planning and Management Tactics for Small Business Owners

The most challenging step in establishing and growing a business is the financial management
and planning stage. 

Financial Planning and Management Tactics for Small Business Owners

The most challenging step in establishing and growing a business is the financial management and planning stage. For a successful business, well-managed finance is a must. If you also need financial planning and management tactics to advance your business in line with your goals feel free to explore the tips and tricks we have listed and reinforce the financial aspect of your business.

1. Prepare Your Financial Work Plan

A financial work plan includes an overall review of the business and forecasts
regarding its growth. If you want your small business to grow and make steady progress in the sector, you must create a financial work plan. Your plan should include a sales forecast, expense statement, cash flow projection, break-even point, statement of financial position, and an operation plan.

A financial work plan allows you to have a clearer and more objective perspective regarding the financial status of the business. You can make more informed decisions for the business and set new goals. If you believe that creating a plan with this much detail would be challenging for you, consulting a financial advisor can be beneficial.

2. Pay Yourself a Salary

When running an SME, allocating all of your income to the business may be preferable in the beginning, especially in the first stages, instead of creating a salary expense for yourself. However, to sustainably cover personal expenses, you need to pay yourself a salary just like you do for everyone who works with you. To do this, after determining the amount of the salary, you need to regularly pay yourself a salary.

3. Identify Strategies to Make Cash Flow Regular

In your small business, ups, and downs in cash flow can be observed periodically. When your sales are low, sales strategies can be utilized to rapidly increase profitability. Some of these strategies are as follows:

  • Offer your customer a flash sale advantage.
  • Create packages that include various products or services.
  • Prepare special offers or referrals for your current customers.

Receive advance payment by providing incentives such as offering customers a ten-month payment plan for a one-year service and making yearly sales.

4. Try to Reduce Costs

Regular cost control is essential for protecting and increasing the profitability of your small business. Talk to your current suppliers and look for more cost-effective options. Research for different vendors that provide the same service or product at lower prices. Mitigating the costs by increasing bulk purchases could be beneficial. If your current suppliers are already affordable, try and find other ways to reduce costs by making expenditure control.

5. Reduce Risks

Running a business brings about many risks. While some risks cause compensable losses, certain risks can cause your business to end. Therefore, you should identify the physical, location, or human-induced, strategic, and technological risks that are able to affect your small business and take measures accordingly. In addition to these measures, taking out insurance for your business is strongly recommended.

6. Diversify Your Investments

As a small business owner, you might want to use all the profit to improve the business. However, utilizing a portion of your savings in different ways could be a logical approach given the ever-changing global markets. A comprehensive investment evaluation portfolio enables you to create a continuous income flow even if the business is going through economically challenged times.

If you want to start easily utilizing your hard-earned profit and savings, all you need to do is download the Hayat Finans application to your phone. You can contact our customer representative through the application, get information about different types of accounts and open the account you desire. You can manage your accounts through the application or online branch and start diversifying your investment. 


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