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Bana Bunu Al

Now is the Perfect Time to Fulfill Your Needs with Hayat Finans! Fulfill Your Personal Financing Needs With Competitive Interest Rates On "Bana Bunu Al", Now Accessible Through Hayat Finans Mobile!

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Bana Bunu Al

What is Bana Bunu Al?

Bana Bunu Al (Buy Now Pay Later) is the need-based financing limit, helping you address your individual financial needs. Through this financing, you can obtain financial support for all your shopping needs, including furniture, appliances, electronics, and more.

Using a QR code, you can effortlessly shop at physical outlets within your approved limit and manage your expenses over a 18-month maturity period to meet your needs. 

If you are an existing Bana Bunu Al customer, log in to Hayat Finans Mobile application. If you are not a customer, download Hayat Finans Mobile, and you can initiate a quick application process through a video call. You have the option to acquire an extra financing limit that is not linked to any of your cards.

Bana Bunu Al Features

  • Your maximum financing limit can reach up to TRY 200,000.
  • You are free to use your limit, either in multiple installments or as a lump sum, throughout the duration of its validity.
  • The smallest amount you can use for spending is TRY 500.
  • You can choose your own payment plan with terms of up to 18 months during your spending moment.

Advantages of Bana Bunu Al

  • You can meet your financial needs without depleting your credit card limits and without being restricted by maturity limits.
  • Utilize the QR code payment method to make your purchases securely and without delays.
  • Enjoy the cash price advantages provided by merchants for your expenses and have the option to convert them into installments for up to 18 months through financing.

How to apply Bana Bunu Al?

By logging in to Hayat Finans Mobile application, current customers can instantly access and enjoy the Bana Bunu Al opportunities.

If you are not currently a Hayat Finans customer, you can become one within minutes by downloading Hayat Finans Mobile application and having a video call. 

Click here to become a customer via video call.

How to use Bana Bunu Al?

  • Log in to Hayat Finans Mobile application and click on the Bana Bunu Al button located on the homepage.
  • Inform the store cashier that you would like to make a payment using the QR code.
  • Use the QR code scanning camera on your phone to read the QR code displayed on the POS.
  • Check your transaction details and payment plan in your mobile application.
  • Provide your consent, complete your shopping, and use your purchases for many pleasant days ahead.
Financing Cost Statement
MaturityProfit RatioAllocation FeeTotal Monthly CostTotal Annual Cost
The provided cost table is based on a TRY 10,000 amount and includes monthly and annual cost percentages, along with allocation fees and applicable taxes. The maximum maturity of the financing is 18 months. Mobile phone purchases up to TRY 12,000 are limited to 12 installments, mobile phone purchases over TRY 12,000 are limited to 3 installments, computer purchases are limited to 12 installments, and tablet purchases are limited to 6 installments. The maximum financing period is 36 months for financing amounts up to TRY 50,000, 24 months for financing amounts between TRY 50,000 and TRY 100,000, and 12 months for financing amounts over TRY 100,000. Regardless of the allocated limit to the customer, a reevaluation is conducted at the moment of expenditure. The bank has the authority to freely assess financing applications, request guarantors and additional documentation, decline applications it deems unsuitable, and modify pricing as needed. 
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