Hayat Finans Mobile

Türkiye's First Digital Bank

Our Vision, Mission and Values

You can find here the vision, mission and the values of our bank which aims to provide a seamless banking experience.

Our Vision Our Mission Our Values
Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

To be an architect and a pioneer of a banking that will add value to life.

Our Mission

To provide social benefit by simplifying financial life with transparency and technology.

Our Values

  • INNOVATION: We were born as an innovative brand and all the services we offer are based on our innovative perspective.
  • INCLUSIVENESS: We act with an inclusive approach that takes different needs into account.
  • BRAVERY: As "Turkey's first licensed digital bank", we adopt a grounded bravery.
  • RELIABILITY: We never compromise on our reliability.
  • AGILITY: We attach importance to agility that enables us to produce fast and effective solutions without interruption.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: We observe sustainability in all our business processes and act on the basis of efficiency.
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