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Import Finance (Coming Soon!)

You can benefit from the Import Finance support of our bank to finance product purchases such as raw materials and commodities that you need for the import activities of your business.

What are the Payment Methods for Import Financing? Advantages of Import Finance More Detail
Import Finance

What are the Payment Methods for Import Financing?

There are various payment methods under the scope of import finance. You can consider different Import Finance payment methods based on the needs and purchase transactions of your business.

  • Advance Payment
  • Letter of Credit
  • Cash Against Documents
  • Cash Against Goods
  • Acceptance Credit

Advantages of Import Finance

  • Allows you to control and regulate the cash flow of your company.
  • You can benefit from advantageous rates when using finance.

More Detail

Primary Condition for Import Finance

Before using Import Finance, our importer customers need to be given a power of attorney.

Can Import Financing Be Used for Import Transactions with Completed Customs Procedures?

The importer should finance the costs of the purchased products before clearing them from the customs in all types of imports except for the cash against goods import. For import transactions of cash against goods, the importer should have completed the power of attorney procedures and price agreement before clearing the purchased goods from customs.

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