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With Bana Bunu Al, 10% of Your Spending is on Us!

Campaign Rules
With Bana Bunu Al, 10% of Your Spending is on Us!

10% cashback opportunity with Bana Bunu Al!

With Bana Bunu Al, you can pay for all your needs, from food to cosmetics, from clothing to electronics, with installments of up to 18 months, and you will also earn 10% cash back on every spending you make.


Campaign Rules


→ Campaign participation dates: 01.04.2024 – 30.04.2024

→ All Hayat Finans customers whose Bana Bunu Al limit is approved and who use financing by spending from their limit can benefit from the campaign.

→ 10% of the spending amount made from the Bana Bunu Al limit between the campaign dates will be deposited to the Hayat Finans current account within the first 5 business days of the month following the first installment payment without delay.

→ No cash refund will be given for financings closed early before the cash refund.

→ The total campaign limit is the sum of the first Bana Bunu Al limit purchased between the campaign dates.

→ A customer can benefit from the campaign once a year up to the total amount of the first limit.

→ Hayat Finans has the authority to stop the campaign and/or change the campaign conditions at any time.

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